Sunsets & Bonfires mp3 Album by Sunlounger

Sunsets & Bonfiresby Sunlounger

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:52:36


Disk #1

1.Sunsets & Bonfires (Chill Out Mix Mixed)7:10
2.Sail Away (Chill Out Mix Mixed)7:08
3.Halong Bay (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:49
4.All I'm Waiting For (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:52
5.Sayang (Chill Out Mix Mixed)6:25
6.The Day I Tried You (Chill Out Mix Mixed)4:30
7.Run (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:17
8.Sunflower Fields (Chill Out Mix Mixed)7:53
9.The Sun Will Rise Again (Chill Out Mix Mixed)6:31
10.On The Other Side (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:59
11.Memories (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:28
12.Don't Stop Me From Falling (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:12
13.OK (Chill Out Mix Mixed)5:49

Disk #2

1.Sunsets & Bonfires (Intro Club Mix Mixed)8:08
2.Sail Away (Club Mix Mixed)6:49
3.Halong Bay (Club Mix Mixed)6:34
4.All I'm Waiting For (Club Mix Mixed)5:30
5.Sayang (Club Mix Mixed)6:37
6.The Day I Tried You (Club Mix Mixed)7:05
7.Run (Club Mix Mixed)7:05
8.Sunflower Fields (Club Mix Mixed)6:29
9.The Sun Will Rise Again (Club Mix Mixed)6:54
10.On The Other Side (Club Mix Mixed)7:42
11.Memories (Club Mix Mixed)7:56
12.Don't Stop Me From Falling (Club Mix Mixed)8:26
13.OK (Club Mix Mixed)8:18

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