Bent And Broken mp3 Artist Compilation by Collide

Bent And Brokenby Collide

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:08:19


Disk #1

1.Mind Games (cEvin Key/Ken "HiWatt" Marshall Mix)5:02
3.Bent and Broken4:49
4.In the Frequency (Great Apes Mix)5:27
5.She Makes Me4:02
6.kaRIN, You're Not Yourself Today2:24
7.Lucky 13 (Damaged Mix)3:39
8.Mind Games (Statik Mix)5:31
9.Tears Like Rain (Cloudburst Mix)4:13
10.Chaotic (Shades of Red Mix)4:57
11.Clearer (Shades of Red Mix)3:30
12.Lost in the Frequent Sea5:26
13.Pure Bliss (Black Sheep Mix)4:24
14.Human (n30fr05t Mix)3:37
15.Counting to Zero (kaRIN's Lullaby Mix)3:29

Disk #2

1.Tears Like Rain (Psych-Nein Mix)4:03
2.In the Frequency (Chris Vrenna Mix)6:53
3.Chaotic (Oxidized)6:20
4.Head Spin (LgVela Dance Mix)4:15
5.Clearer (Serrated Edge Mix)6:22
6.Tongue Tied and Twisted (Diffuzion Mix)5:22
7.Pure Bliss (Bliss Tech Mix)6:40
8.In the Frequency (Pure Oxygen)6:39
9.Chaotic (Hazard Mix)5:41
10.Counting to Zero (Million Stars Mix)4:22
11.Utopia (Unraveling Breaths)7:36