Rescue & Restore mp3 Album by August Burns Red
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:08


3.Spirit Breaker4:52
4.Count It All As Lost4:10
6.Creative Captivity4:42
7.Fault Line4:03
8.Beauty In Tragedy4:51
11.The First Step4:25
August Burns Red has done it again. With their blended, gruff style of hardcore and thrash-core, with a hint of metal-core, they utilize their talent to release some amazing albums. This album to me is one of their best, along with Leveler and Constellations. One of my favorite things they do in their songs are their breaks, like the salsa part in Internal Cannon; it shows their incredible talent, as they can play multiple styles, and it adds a unique feel to their music. The guitar riffs are clean and heavy, with a powerful bass line, and the drums are incredible! I would give this album a definite 9/10 overall.
After being a long time ABR fan Starting with Thrill Seeker I come to the lastest offering Rescue & Restore. As always ABR does it the same but a little different. However, I'm going to be straight, as good as the first half of the album is it was a bit boring then the second half is great! Guitar riffs are solid and heavy, drum work is fast and loud, the bass is spot on yet the vocals seem to get less exciting with smaller ranges than previous offerings. With Spirit Breaker being one of my favorite songs on the album I give this one a 4/5