Black Celebration | The 12" Singles mp3 Artist Compilation by Depeche Mode

Black Celebration | The 12" Singlesby Depeche Mode

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:00:07


1.Stripped (Highland mix)6:44
2.But Not Tonight (extended remix)5:13
3.Breathing in Fumes6:07
4.Fly on the Windscreen (Quiet mix)4:26
5.Black Day2:38
6.A Question of Lust4:28
7.Christmas Island (extended)5:41
8.People Are People (live)4:25
9.It Doesn't Matter Two (instrumental)2:48
10.A Question of Lust (Minimal)6:51
11.A Question of Lust (Flood mix)5:10
12.Christmas Island4:54
13.If You Want (live)5:16
14.Shame (live)4:12
15.Blasphemous Rumours (live)5:32
16.A Question of Time (extended remix)6:30
17.Black Celebration (live)6:05
18.Something to Do (live)3:50
19.Stripped (live)6:23
20.A Question of Time (New Town mix)6:47
21.A Question of Time (live remix)4:23
22.Black Celebration (Black Tulip mix)6:34
23.More Than a Party (live remix)5:10