Black Ice mp3 Album by AC/DC

Black Iceby AC/DC

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:39


1.Rock N' Roll Train4:22
2.Skies On Fire3:34
3.Big Jack3:57
4.Anything Goes3:22
5.War Machine3:10
6.Smash N' Grab4:06
7.Spoilin' For A Fight3:17
10.Stormy May Day3:10
11.She Likes Rock N' Roll3:53
12.Money Made4:16
13.Rock N' Roll Dream4:41
14.Rockin' All The Way3:23
15.Black Ice3:25
As Angus Young himself says, AC/DC just make the same album over and over again. However, what distinguishes one album from the next is the quality of the song writing and the actual production and sound of the albums. AC/DC have been guilty in later years of churning out some awful songs and some badly produced albums. 'Fly on the Wall' anyone??
However, for 'Black Ice' they enlisted producer extraordinaire Mr Brendan O'Brien. And it pays off. This album includes some great sounding songs. 'Money Made', 'Spoiling For a Fight', 'Smash n' Grab', 'Anything Goes' and the later day classic 'Rock N' Roll Train'. However, its not all plain sailing and the album could have had a little more fat trimmed off. I can think of 4 songs at least that I could live without. Still, its a step in the right direction and head and shoulders above some of the dross that the band have put their name to.
Should have AC\DC come out of semi retirement to release this album ? Its a very nice toiuch that they did it to help one of the band members out!, but I am not convinced. Is definately a softer side of AC\DC, but then again they are getting on in the years. as a mobil DJ, the only song that may fill the dance floor is Rock n Roll train, but beware, many AC\DC purists may not like it. I give this album 7/10