Black Sands mp3 Album by Bonobo

Black Sandsby Bonobo

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:07


4.Eyesdown Featuring Andreya Triana5:26
5.El Toro3:44
6.We Could Forever4:20
8.All In Forms4:52
9.The Keeper Featuring Andreya Triana4:49
10.Stay The Same Featuring Andreya Triana4:45
12.Black Sands6:49
I have loved this album for years now. It is the perfect blend of hyoe, chill, and lounge music. I personally think this is Bonobo's most ambitious project to date. This seamlessly incorporates digital and natural sounds over tight dance grooves. This was the perfect mixture of all the styles that Bonobo has been know for over the years.

This has also aged well over the last 8 or so years. This still stands out to me as one of the best albums in its genre. This is a dance album approached from the mindset of a jazz composer. It's impossible to not move with the beats on this album. It feels so modern and yet primal all at once. Most of the album feels like I'm going back and forth between a crowded urban city and the middle of a tropical rainforest. It's a pretty epic expirience to listen to this album from start to finish.