Bonkers 12: The Dirty Dozen mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 12: The Dirty Dozenby Various Artists

  • 66 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:49:42


Disk #1

1.Waiting (feat. Shelly)by UFO5:35
2.Take a Look (dub mix)by Hixxy3:40
3.Just Accept It (Hixxy remix) (feat. MC Storm)by Hixxy4:16
4.The Piano Tuneby Dougal & Gammer4:54
5.Round & Round (DJ Breeze & DJ Styles remix) (and Jon Doe)by Billy Daniel Bunter4:02
6.Close Your Eyes (Hixxy remix) (and Impact)by In Effect4:32
7.You're My Angelby 694:53
8.Midnight Resistanceby DJ Uplift3:15
9.Reaching Out (Billy Daniel Bunter & CLSM remix)by CLSM4:48
10.Fallen Angelby DJ Weaver5:58
11.Always (feat. Shelly)by UFO5:36
12.Wholeby Asa & S13:13
13.Tantric (feat. Becky Judge)by Yum-Yi5:26 Hixxy3:05

Disk #2

1.Power in the Light (feat. The TING)by Kevin Energy4:42
2.Dark Side of the Moonby Lost Soul4:52
3.Atomic Orbital (feat. K Complex) (and K Complex)by Mark Ashley4:41
4.Losing Control (Remix) (and Matt Style)by Andy Vinal4:25
5.Enraptured Soulzby Lord Invader4:41
6.Can't Competeby Gammer4:09
7.New Zealand Storyby Wizbit & Ponder4:41
8.Transmission to Mars (feat. Bello B)by CLSM4:00
9.Know the Scoreby Dougal & Gammer3:47
10.Hitmen (feat. Stormtrooper)by Robbie Long4:53
11.That's the Hardcore (and Kevin Energy)by Marc Smith3:46
12.Hugger Mugger (feat. MC Wotsee)by Vagabond3:48
13.Funky Technicianby Impact5:01
14.What the Fuckby Marc Smith3:42
15.Kill Bill (feat. Robbie Long)by AMS3:59
16.Getting Dirty (feat. TAZZ)by AMS4:27
17.Wicked MC (A.M.S Remix) (vs. CLSM)by Sharkey4:56
18.Punkby Outsidaz3:44

Disk #3

1.This Is How We Do Itby Plus System5:22
2.Chaos & Mightby Dreadhed3:10
3.All About You (feat. Cat Knight)by Scott Brown5:31
4.Night Time (Sy & Unknown remix)by Expression & GBH3:17
5.Crazy Loveby Brisk & Ham4:47
6.Really Need You (feat. DMO)by Scott Brown4:22
7.Rock Ya Hardcoreby DJ Kurt4:28
8.This Is My Bassby Interstate4:22
9.First Kontact (feat. DJ Storm)by Euphony4:36
10.Heartbeatz (Scott Brown remix)by Styles & Breeze5:06
11.Is This the Futureby Plus System3:16
12.Hardcore U Know the Score (vs. Marc Smith)by Scott Brown4:13
13.Paybackby Endymion4:32
14.This One's for All of Usby Scott Brown3:38
15.Torn (Scott Brown karaoke mix) (feat. Cesar Benito)by David Pamies2:54
16.We Can Danceby Interstate3:38
17.Boomstickby Scott Brown3:38
18.Alles Kapot (and Evil Activities)by DJ Neophyte4:10

Disk #4

1.All of My Life (Breeze & Styles remix)by Aluna5:30
2.Feel the Powerby Styles & Breeze4:27
3.The Sunby Re-Con5:24
4.3000 Cyclesby Dougal & Gammer4:06
5.Today (Breeze & Styles remix)by Evil Angel4:56
6.Skydivinby Darren Styles4:10
7.I Adore (Breeze & Styles remix)by Clear Vu3:24
8.Revolution (and Cloudskipper)by DJ Uplift3:25
9.The One (Breeze & Styles remix) (feat. Lisa Abbott)by Euphonic4:24
10.Flow (feat. Cat Knight)by Scott Brown4:31
11.Electric (Bonkers remix)by Styles & Breeze4:37
12.Before Tomorrow (Breeze & Styles remix)by Eclipse4:44
13.Take Your Time (and UFO)by DJ Breeze4:58
14.Torn (Breeze & Styles remix) (and Cesar Benito)by David Pamies4:50
15.Chemical Love (Hardcore mix)by Futureworld4:33
16.I'm a Raver (feat. MC Storm)by Sonic State5:16