Bonkers 8: The Rezurrection mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 8: The Rezurrectionby Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:25:54


Disk #1

1.Get Into Love (Hixxy remix)by Antisocial6:37
2.You're Shiningby Styles & Breeze5:07
3.Nothingby Hixxy5:32
4.Elysium Plusby Scott Brown4:45
5.Steps Ahead (and Uprise)by Dowster4:59
6.Just Accept It (feat. MC Storm)by Hixxy4:18
7.Feel It in the Airby Hixxy4:34
8.Deep Inside (Hixxy remix)by UFO4:48
9.My Way (Hixxy remix)by Antisocial5:15
10.Gang Bang Societyby Scott Brown5:01
11.Rushins (and Styles)by Hixxy5:07
12.Black Magic Bad Magicby Styles & Breeze3:52
13.Rock Rock Onby Scott Brown3:06
14.Music Makersby UFO6:05

Disk #2

1.Indestructibleby K Complex3:46
2.Chemical Warfare (feat. Cynista)by Safe 'n' Sound4:21
3.Vertigoby Kevin Energy4:00
4.Inverted Reality (feat. Dave Blackman & Safe 'n' Sound)by AMS4:29
5.Say It Again (feat. Impact)by Vinal & Devotion4:54
6.Acid Aftermathby Cris E. Manic3:50
7.Skillz n Styles (and Fade)by Brisk4:47
8.Get Fucked (feat. MC Sharkey)by Kaos & Ethos4:07
9.Baddest Ass (Exclusive remix)by DJ Kaos5:04
10.Serious Hardcoreby Brisk & Ham4:41
11.Thik and Fast (feat. Menis)by Marc Smith5:14
12.Blow the Roofby 2 Damn Tuff5:40
13.Identify the Beat (vs. Safe 'n' Sound)by Marc Smith4:42
14.Where's the Party At (feat. Sharkey & AMS)by Robbie Long4:39
15.PSA (feat. Devastate)by Robbie Long4:46

Disk #3

1.Boom 'n' Powby Marc Smith5:09
2.Rainbow Islands (Sharkey mix)by Seb5:20
3.Steamtrainby Hopscotch4:26
4.Toytown (and Sharkey)by Hixxy2:30
5.Teknostorm (Sharkey remix)by The Vampire5:01
6.Bonkers Anthem (and Sharkey)by DJ Druid3:57
7.People's Partyby Sunset Regime5:01
8.All Systems Goby Force & Styles4:50
9.Revolutionby Sharkey5:21
10.Body Slamby Bang the Future5:43
11.Future Dimensions (and DJ Druid)by Energy3:13
12.Together Forever (and Bananaman)by DJ Hixxy3:56
13.Wonderlandby Force & Styles4:27
14.Is This Love? (and Melody)by DJ Fade3:43
15.Forever Youngby Antisocial5:11

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