Boston (Remastered) mp3 Album by Boston

Boston (Remastered)by Boston

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:45


1.More Than a Feeling4:45
2.Peace of Mind5:04
3.Foreplay / Long Time7:47
4.Rock & Roll Band3:00
6.Hitch a Ride4:12
7.Something About You3:48
8.Let Me Take You Home Tonight4:47
Robert McGough
The debut album from Tom Scholz and gang was a break thru album, not only was it a huge FM radio hit but also a technical wizard of sound. A very slick and sleek kind of rock and roll to perfection, in a time when Punk was coming in and giving the opposite sound. This was an album of masterful harmonies and many layered sounds like the big hit -More Than a Felling-this is classic Boston and it takes you to that 70's rock and roll land where this will be a legend of a song. Peace Of Mind stays in the same vein with its signature sound of slick rock guitars and harmonies, then it is the best song on the disc- Fore Play/Long Time-this is when rock songs were longer and stronger and had a great sound and a story to tell. This song was so big everyone I knew was singing this song and had the LP or 8 Track. Rock and Roll band/Smokin' and Hitch a Ride made up the best songs on the flip side of the album. Rock and Roll Band was your typical hard rock song about making it big and Smokin' with it's smoking organ was a great rocking Boogie song, and it kept your feet a tapping to the beat which doesn't let up. Then we have a very beautiful rock ballad -Hitch a Ride- with its acoustic guitar and pumping organ and beautiful harmonies this is a classic, It really sounds like you are going on a thrill ride the way the song changes back and forth. This is the best Boston album -hands down -not on one bad song the album flows from tune to tune. This is the Remastered version and it is perfectly clear and crisp as the day it came out. Please do your self a favor and download the entire disc , it is a masterpiece. The lead singer is no longer with us but thank God we got to experience this true icon (R.I.P.) Bradley Delp. Rock and roll will live on forever!