Breaking The Model by New Medicine

Breaking The Model

by New Medicine

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:05


1.Breaking The Model3:38
2.Desire Into Gold2:52
3.One Too Many3:23
4.Broken Girl3:26
5.All About Me3:13
6.World Class Fuck Up2:53
7.Dead Love Song2:41
8.Like A Rose3:27
9.Heart With Your Name On It2:53
10.Fire Up The Night2:59
11.Boy Like Me3:40

Also by New Medicine

Despite calling their second album Breaking the Model it seems to fit within the same mold as the first. New Medicine does depart, at least a little, from the rock with hip hop undertones and relatable messages they championed in the first album. They seem to manage this only enough to annoy fans who don't like the experiments, though, not enough to actually get to anything interesting. It can leave fans of Race You to the Bottom disappointed, but there are still a lot of really great songs on Breaking the Model. If you're a fan of slower, rock-ballad type songs that sound like an attempt to merge country with New Medicine's classic sound then you're going to love this album more than the first. The album starts off strong, tries some new things that are a hit or a miss depending on the tastes of the listener, and then ends with a really great finale lineup. My favorite songs are mostly at the back of this album, and they're worth the wait. Don't give up too soon if the first few tracks aren't to your taste.