Buddha Bar: The Ultimate Experience mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Buddha Bar: The Ultimate Experienceby Various Artists

  • 118 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:01:54


Disk #1

1.Azurby Troels Hammer1:53
2.Hadjiraby Buddhattitude4:59
3.Lights In The Dark (Thor Rainfall Edit)by Lena Kaufman5:32
4.Oriental Cafeby Jasmon3:58
5.Teri Yaad Aati Hainby Unnati4:03
6.Universe Oneby Stan Kolev4:01
7.Humans Cry (feat. Steve Edwards)by Carl Fath4:28
8.Osmyoby Arno Elias3:50
9.Missing U (A Tribute To The Sun) (feat. Julie Harrington) (Chris Coco Remix)by Steen Thottrup4:22
10.Sommerby AyOwA3:28
11.Carry You Home (Original Mix)by Ganga4:28
12.Laageeby Midival Punditz6:33

Disk #2

1.Flavescensby Riccardo Eberspacher4:22
2.Bar D’Oby Vanessa Daou5:03
3.Eyesby Borneland3:00
4.Emphigerby Professor Oz3:42
5.Cold Wind Blowing (Original Mix)by Ganga5:08
6.Pardesiby SoulAvenue3:47
7.Kemi Bluesby Sigh5:20
8.Waterlineby Ambray4:29
9.Seher Inende (Thor Evening Jasmin Mix)by Ozlem Taner5:23
10.Morning Fallby Daniel Masson5:00
11.Tasawwuffby Le Mirage Du Maghreb5:04
12.Silent Song (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix)by Eccodek5:38

Disk #3

1.Atlanticaby Amanaska5:47
2.Aliveby Cantoma4:52
3.Dominicaby Ruf Dug3:45
4.Otra Vidaby Liberdade3:39
5.My Desireby Chris Coco4:27
6.Chariteby Dalholt & Langklide6:37
7.Mapusaby Mashti4:55
8.Nature Worldby Freedom3:30
9.Never Stop Dreaming (and Kenneth Bager)by DJ Pippi5:44
10.The Singing Cloudsby Troels Hammer3:21
11.Tabarinby Cantoma5:28
12.Parameshwara MantraDeep In Love (and Miten with Manose)by Deva Premal13:54

Disk #4

1.Sunetul De Searaby Riccardo Eberspacher4:20
2.Stuck In A Dreamby SoulAvenue4:12
3.Mexican Margaritaby Jacob Gurevitsch5:10
4.See Me Again (Sunday Morning Mix)by Boral Kibil7:18
5.Poem Of The Atom (feat. Salar Aghili)by MH Project5:35
6.Saul (Rosa Lux Hands On Fire Remix Edit)by CTM3:04
7.Shadow Heart (Hp Hoeger & Rusty Egan Remix)by Kid Moxie5:30
8.Remision Espontaneaby Derrok & Vruno7:24
9.The Thrill Is Goneby MHE3:07
10.Mon De Kan Reparere Dig (Rosa Lux Is Broken Remix Radio Edit)by Lars HUG4:00
11.Love Hangover (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix)by Jacob Groening6:53
12.Forever After (and Tiana)by Anton Ishutin6:34

Disk #5

1.Potomu Chto (feat. Sasha Loona) (Original Mix)by Anton Ishutin5:11
2.Bade Malou (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)by Afrolicious4:58
3.Leilaby Didula4:22
4.Ne Me Quitte Pas (feat. Jacques Brel)by MH Project9:08
5.I Don't Love You No More (Thor Extended Remix) (and Ravin)by Carlos Campos5:36
6.Tango To Evora (and Pink Noisy)by Consoul Trainin5:11
7.Fata Morganaby In Deed5:05
8.Need To Feel Lovedby Floral5:56
9.Tonight (feat. King Raam)by MH Project6:16
10.Distant Island (Cuba)by Ambala3:58
11.Sharabia (Ravin Remix)by Antoine5:23
12.Sacred Dance Of The Demon (Gorgon City Remix) (and The Ancient Moons)by Damian Lazarus7:20

Disk #6

1.Be Mineby Marga Sol3:43
2.Country Downby Marie Therese4:00
3.Buddha People (feat. Edgar Asmaryan) (Original Version)by Taste of Dream4:04
4.The Weathermanby Waldeck2:47
5.Spirit Of Loveby Brass6:20
6.Nostalgia (and Zoe)by Dreamers Inc.6:40
7.Painting In The Sunsetby Christos Fourkis6:25
8.Blue Moonby Nacho Sotomayor4:47
9.Læg Dig Ind Under Himlen (Rosa Lux Stalblankt Remix)by Nacho Sotomayor3:58
10.Candada (Original Mix)by Roni Iron4:59
11.You Can't Failby Il Santo3:30

Disk #7

1.Because I Miss Youby Marie Therese3:39
2.Arabian Eyesby Billy Esteban5:36
3.Phanoman - Sitaraby Serdar Ayyildiz5:36
4.The Happy Song (and Billy Esteban)by Dreamers Inc.6:31
5.Santoriniby DJ Volkan Uca5:06
6.My Heart Is Goneby Vanotek3:04
7.Ase Me Na Fygo (Dreamers Inc. Remix) (and Kled Mone)by Les Au Revoir4:09
8.Don't Believe What They Say (feat. Angela McCluskey)by Parov Stelar4:16
9.Dirty Secretby Christos Fourkis5:29
10.Say You Love Me (and Miguel Lara)by Ibitaly4:59
11.Pustiya (and Belonoga)by Billy Esteban4:24

Disk #8

1.Voice Of Desertby Anthya5:39
2.Precious Storyby Armen Miran6:33
3.Thin Skinby Il Santo3:20
4.As Erxosoun Gia Ligoby Roni Iron3:28
5.On A Hot Dayby Constantijn Lange7:08
6.Demon Danceby Parov Stelar3:22
7.Tvojte Oci Leno (Oliver Petkovski Rmx)by Baklava3:46
8.Massai Shamanby HP Hoger5:37
9.Niuby Matan Caspi6:04
10.Violaby Paji6:02
11.I Love U More When It's Rainning (h@k Mix)by Zac F6:49
12.Medaby Thy Moy5:14

Disk #9

1.Namasteby Marga Sol6:10
2.Coming Homeby Bjarno6:52
3.Khalifa Loungeby Maido Project4:32
4.Andalusiaby Nikko Sunset4:40
5.La Vie En Roseby Stereo Express5:59
6.Angel In Loveby Beebar7:04
7.Secret (and Dubfaze feat. Dim Gerrard)by Sergio T3:07
8.Got Me A Question (and Anthony El Mejor)by DJ NIL3:56
9.Try (and Yuji Ono)by Stan Kolev7:03
10.Celticby Diego Palacio3:18
11.Little Girls Eyesby Dino MFU3:24
12.Beyoglou Tangoby Alkis Zopoglou3:30

Disk #10

1.Nepalby Constantin5:54
2.Let It Goby Marie Therese4:49
3.Childrenby Marga Sol5:27
4.Six O Clockby Paji6:15
5.Eclipseby Davi7:30
6.No Fearsby Saint Tropez Caps4:59
7.Maravillaby Laera3:10
8.Arabian Girl (and Tigran feat. Alfida)by DJ NIL5:48
9.Layaby Diego Palacio7:07
10.Rababby Downtown7:09
11.Love Serdarby DJ Volkan Uca6:30
12.Balkanby Laera5:36

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