Burn My Eyes (Japanese Edition) mp3 Album by Machine Head

Burn My Eyes (Japanese Edition)by Machine Head

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:28


3.A Thousand Lies6:13
4.None But My Own6:14
5.The Rage To Overcome4:47
6.Death Church6:33
7.A Nation On Fire5:34
8.Blood For Blood3:40
9.I'M Your God Now5:51
10.Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies2:45
12.Alan's On Fire3:59
13.Davidian (Live)7:24
14.Hard Times (Live)2:27
Burn My Eyes is by far the best Machine Head album. Machine Head has followed trends throughout their career and this album dropped at a time when groove metal was popular and we were transitioning from 80's metal into 90's metal and grunge. I'm listening to the album as I type this review and really wish they would go back to this formula because I think it is their best. Thousand Lies is a very groovy tune that reminds me of Pantera groove. The two opening tracks are quite excellent as well. Some of the songs border on the metalcore line, but stay on the metal side. The production on this album is rock solid and sounds great. When I tell folks to check out Machine Head, this is the album I recommend.
Here we go with one of those extreme hardcore bands. I remember in '95 I saw these guys at the aragon ballroom in chicago with slayer and Biohazard. very, very awesome concert with drummer chris kontos. This is one of favorite albums also their best. "OLD" has to be my favorite tune. Even though I love all their albums this will always be the greatest for me anyway. Even if you are just starting to listen to Machine Head start with this one. Their most extreme aggresive loud albums ever since Robert Flynn left the Thrash Metal Band Vio-Lence. Now forming Machine Head he can now create his own unique style of Hardcore Metal. I definately give it 5 stars.