Bye Bye Birdie / Love Triangle mp3 Artist Compilation by James Darren

Bye Bye Birdie / Love Triangleby James Darren

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:42


1.Put On a Happy Face2:59
2.A Lot Of Livin' to Do2:30
4.How Lovely to Be a Woman2:07
5.Baby, Talk to Me2:42
6.Kids (Folks)1:37
7.Bye Bye Birdie3:01
8.We Love You Conrad2:00
9.One Last Kiss2:39
10.One Girl (Boy)2:09
11.Honestly Sincere2:27
12.Bye Bye Birdie Medley2:35
13.Goodbye Cruel World2:25
14.Johnny Angel2:23
15.She Can't Find Her Keys2:34
16.Her Royal Majesty2:14
17.Johnny Loves Me2:25
18.Keep Your Love Locked2:14
20.The Things We Did Last Summer2:31
21.Lollipops and Roses2:23
23.I'm Growing Up2:20
24.Little Boy Sad1:44

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