Café Solaire 16 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Café Solaire 16by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:36


Disk #1

1.Early Morning Birdby Lenny Mac Dowell5:04
2.6 Utraby Green Point Orchestra5:10
3.Boulevard St. Germainby Bloomfield4:56
4.My man (Remix)by Billie Holiday4:44
5.Miles Away (and Funk)by Schwarz4:53
6.Back To The Moonby Jazzamor5:07
7.Autumn On Planet Earthby Elay Sun System4:25
8.You (Original Mix)by Larissa Kapp4:55
9.Mon Coeurby Bloomfield4:49
10.In Love In Paris (and Vernell de Long)by Luis Machuca4:46
11.Flotter Tagby Moca4:34
12.Mysteryby Tetris4:48
13.Evening Celebrationby Red Buddha4:36
14.Last Dropby Tetris4:59
15.Organ Kingby Moca4:42
16.Patchouliby Sambox4:46

Disk #2

1.Space Odyssey (Westpark Unit Remix)by Whare4:56
2.Una Historia De Amor (Collectiv Sound Members remix) (feat. Monica Hernandez)by Luca Ricci4:52
3.Floatby The Rurals5:07
4.Let It Rain (feat. Flexie Muiso)by Mustafa4:37
5.Into the Sky (Homero Espinosa dub) (feat. Natasha Adorlee Johnson)by Homero Espinosa4:37
6.Szecseny's Morningby Kormix4:52
7.Truth (From P60 remix) (feat. Demetrius Price)by Demarkus Lewis4:52
8.Are You Gonna Be There (Mark Heinemann Mix)by Crispin J. Glover4:52
9.Rushingby Tt4:37
10.Hey Hey Hey (Vocal Version)by Jumping Pin Up4:37
11.Into Engekhoyo (and Kudoskelem feat. Lelethu)by DJ Fresca4:52
12.This Is Real (Fish Go Deep Mix)by C.9Ine4:52
13.Beyond The Lineby Andrew Phelan & Origami4:40
14.Abre Las Alas (feat. Jones & Namara)by Christos Kessidis5:23
15.Malimba (Logan Dataspirit Mix)by DJ Floy4:44
16.Percussion Delayby Pyrox4:52

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