Catch A Fire mp3 Artist Compilation by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Catch A Fireby Bob Marley & The Wailers

  • 123 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:44:04


Disk #1

1.Get Up, Stand Up3:20
2.Hallelujah Time3:33
3.I Shot The Sheriff4:41
4.Burnin' And Lootin'4:18
5.Put It On4:00
6.Small Axe4:02
7.Pass It On3:35
8.Duppy Conqueror3:47
9.One Foundation3:44
10.Rasta Man Chant3:48
11.Reincarnated Souls (bonus track)3:46
12.No Sympathy (bonus track)3:12
13.The Oppressed Song (bonus track)3:17

Disk #2

1.Concrete Jungle4:15
2.Slave Driver2:55
3.400 Years2:47
4.Stop That Train3:56
5.Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)3:59
6.Stir It Up5:34
7.Kinky Reggae3:39
8.No More Trouble4:00
9.Midnight Ravers5:11
10.High Tide Or Low Tide (bonus track)4:45
11.All Day All Night (bonus track)3:29

Disk #3

1.Lively Up Yourself5:12
2.No Woman, No Cry3:46
3.Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)3:13
4.Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)6:46
5.So Jah Seh4:28
6.Natty Dread3:36
7.Bend Down Low3:22
8.Talkin' Blues4:07
10.Am-A-Do (bonus track)3:20

Disk #4

1.Trenchtown Rock4:23
2.Burnin' & Lootin'5:12
3.Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)4:36
4.Lively Up Yourself4:34
5.No Woman, No Cry7:08
6.I Shot The Sheriff5:18
7.Get Up, Stand Up6:32
8.Kinky Reggae (bonus track)7:36

Disk #5

1.Positive VIbration3:34
2.Roots, Rock, Reggae3:38
3.Johnny Was3:48
4.Cry To Me2:36
5.Want More4:15
6.Crazy Baldhead3:12
7.Who The Cap Fit4:43
8.Night Shift3:11
10.Rat Race2:53
11.Jah Live (bonus track)4:14

Disk #6

1.Natural Mystic3:28
2.So Much Things To Say3:08
4.The Heathen2:32
7.Waiting In Vain4:16
8.Turn Your Lights Down Low3:39
9.Three Little Birds3:00
10.One Love / People Get Ready2:56
11.Jamming (long version) (bonus track)5:55
12.Punky Reggae Party (long version) (bonus track)6:52

Disk #7

1.Positive VIbration5:50
2.Punky Reggae Party5:52
4.Stir It Up5:17
5.Rat Race3:41
6.Concrete Jungle5:37
7.Kinky Reggae4:46
8.Lively Up Yourself6:18
9.Rebel Music5:21
10.War / No More Trouble5:28
11.Is This Love7:28

Disk #8

1.Easy Skanking2:59
3.Is This Love3:52
4.Sun Is Shining4:58
5.Satisfy My Soul4:33
6.She's Gone2:26
7.Misty Morning3:34
9.Running Away4:16
10.Time Will Tell3:34
11.Smile Jamaica (version) (bonus track)5:03

Disk #9

1.So Much Trouble In The World4:00
3.Top Rankin'3:11
4.Babylon System4:22
6.Africa Unite2:56
7.One Drop3:52
8.Ride Natty Ride3:51
9.Ambush In The Night3:14
10.Wake Up And Live5:01
11.Ride Natty Ride (12" mix) (bonus track)6:23

Disk #10

1.Coming In From The Cold4:31
2.Real Situation3:08
3.Bad Card2:50
4.We And Dem3:15
6.Zion Train3:37
7.Pimper's Paradise3:28
8.Could You Be Loved3:57
9.Forever Loving Jah4:02
10.Redemption Song3:54
11.Redemption Song (band version) (bonus track)4:51
12.Could You Be Loved (12" mix) (bonus track)5:25

Disk #11

1.Chant Down Babylon2:36
2.Buffalo Soldier4:18
3.Jump Nyabinghi3:45
4.Mix Up, Mix Up5:03
5.Give Thanks & Praises3:17
6.Blackman Redemption3:33
7.Trench Town3:13
8.Stiff Necked Fools3:26
9.I Know3:21
10.Rastaman Live Up!5:27
11.Buffalo Soldier (12" mix) (bonus track)7:37