Collected mp3 Artist Compilation by John Hiatt

Collectedby John Hiatt

  • 57 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:52:24


Disk #1

1.Sure As I'm Sittin' Here3:17
2.Hangin' Around the Observatory3:03
3.I'm Tired of Your Stuff3:30
4.Radio Girl2:57
5.Sharon's Got a Drugstore2:11
6.Pink Bedroom2:56
7.It Hasn't Happened Yet3:23
8.I Look For Love3:34
9.Something Happens3:21
10.Riding With the King4:20
11.Girl on a String3:14
12.She Loves the Jerk3:38
13.The Love That Harms2:51
14.Lovers Will4:01
15.Say It With Flowers3:06
16.The Usual3:46
17.She Said the Same Things to Me3:59
18.Living a Little, Laughing a Little3:53
19.Memphis in the Meantime3:58
20.This Thing Called Love4:10
21.Lipstick Sunset4:13
22.Learning How to Love You4:05

Disk #2

1.Have a Little faith in Me4:02
2.Thank You Girl4:07
3.Tip of My Tongue5:56
4.Georgia Rae4:27
5.Tennessee Plates2:58
6.Slow Turning3:35
7.Drive South3:52
8.Already Loved6:28
9.One Step Over the Line4:22
10.Stolen Moments4:07
11.Child of the Wild Blue Yonder4:24
12.Real Fine Love4:21
13.Bring Back Your Love to Me4:04
14.Ashland City3:46
15.Don't Go Away Mad3:40
16.Buffalo River Home5:11
17.Perfectly Good Guitar4:38
18.Cross My Fingers4:04

Disk #3

1.Something Wild4:34
2.They All Leave Town4:20
3.Little Goodnight4:30
4.Perfectly Good Guitar (Acoustic)4:33
5.True Believer5:36
6.Too Live to Leave4:40
7.Dust Down a Country Road4:04
8.Cry Love4:24
10.Love in Flames4:54
11.Don't Know Much About Love3:29
12.Icy Blue Heart (Live)5:45
13.Angel Eyes (Live)4:57
14.Your Dad Did (Live)5:37
15.Georgia Rae (Acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies)4:09
16.What Do We Do Now (Acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies)2:39
17.Have a Little Faith in Me (Acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies)4:07