Cowboys From Hell mp3 Album by Pantera
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:44


1.Cowboys From Hell4:07
2.Primal Concrete Sledge2:13
3.Psycho Holiday5:19
5.Cemetary Gates7:03
8.Clash With Reality5:17
9.Medicine Man5:15
10.Message In Blood5:10
11.The Sleep5:47
12.The Art Of Shredding4:20
In 1990, Pantera switched from a glam metal style to a groove metal style full of Black Sabbath influences. They are known for starting the groove metal genre. Their fifth album, Cowboys from Hell, helps to define that genre with 12 awesome songs.

Cowboys from Hell: Great song, awesome solo, could be good as fight music. Influences are from the song War Pigs by Black Sabbath. 30/10

Primal Concrete Sledge: A fast paced, schizophrenic song. Very cool song. 15/10

Psycho Holiday: Awesome groove to it, cool thrash influences, and use of even jazz influences. 20/10

Heresy: Fast paced song with great thrash elements in here. 20/10

Cemetery Gates: The most famous song on the album. A sad, metal ballad with acoustic. Very deep and touching, full of emotion. 30+/10

Domination: See Heresy. 20/10

Shattered: See Heresy. 20/10

Clash with Reality: Slower, but still very metal with a cool groove. 20/10

Medicine Man: See Clash with Reality. 20/10

Message in Blood: See above. 20/10

The Sleep: See above (these songs do not sound the same, but they have common elements.) 20/10

The Art of Shredding: See Cowboys from Hell. 30/10