3.At The Bottom4:04
5.You Stole6:00
6.Be Gone1:31
8.Bought A Bride3:07
10.In A Jar3:06
A very very well produced album. Not as great as some of their others, but solid none the less. Brand New's stock only continues to rise with this release. Songs such as At The Bottom, Daisy, and You Stole help validate the legitimacy of this album and Brand New. At The Bottom has such a soft, smooth flow to the entire song. It does get hard at some points within the song, but that mellow mood is never lost. Daisy, the title song of the album, is a rarity in itself. Usually title songs are never the best of the album. But Daisy begs to differ. Starting with a priest introducing the song, and the lyrical genius coming after. You will never want to stop listening to this. You Stole is a longer more drawn out song compared to the rest. But no less entertaining with a great guitar solo at the end. Other notable songs on the album are Sink, Bought A Bride, and Noro. All together a very good album and worth listening to. Enjoy.