Dance Gate, Vol. 1 by Various Artists

Dance Gate, Vol. 1

by Various Artists

  • 51 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:46:16


1.Dance in the Rain (Original Mix)by Commercial Club Crew5:05
2.A+ Superstar (Hands Up Mix)by Basslovers United4:43
3.Howling At the Moon (Extended Mix)by Ti-Mo5:08
4.Whiteline Fever (Club Mix)by Megastylez5:00
5.No Limit (Phillerz Remix) (vs. Tribune)by Level Zero4:55
6.Dark Dark Sun (Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic Remix)by Aleeze4:58
7.You Don't Know (Neotune! Remix)by Roxor & Hardfader4:17
8.Bounce 2 the Beat (Mankee Remix) (feat. Elaine Winter)by Noisegate Project5:04
9.Prove Your Love (Ti-Mo Remix)by Stefan Rio4:44
10.Love You Tonight (Raindropz! Remix) (meets Chutneystylez)by DJ Trancemaster4:37
11.We Are the Colors (DJ Tht Remix) (feat. CvB)by Alex Megane4:57
12.Gonna Paint the Town (Quickdrop Remix)by Camera X4:51
13.Get Down (G! Mix) (presents Giorno)by G!4:28
14.Bring the Fire (DJ Tht Remix) (feat. Adassa)by Tale & Dutch5:25
15.Into Dawn (Dual Playaz Remix)by Xelerator5:10
16.All I Want (Scoon & Delore Remix)by Dual Playaz4:58
17.Butterfly (Lowcash Remix)by Damn-R4:35
18.Raise Your Glass (Extended Mix)by Clubwaver4:50
19.Tonight (Original Mix) (vs. Aurora & Toxic)by Hardcharger5:21
20.Discoland (Alex Megane Newdance Mix)by Special D.5:21
21.Explode the Dancefloor (Megastylez Remix)by X-Cess!5:26
22.Empty Sheets (Extended Mix)by Jens O.4:32
23.My Heart Is Open (Manox Remix) (and Kheiron)by Tube Tonic6:10
24.Someday (Cc.K Remix) (feat. Gemma B.)by Tronix DJ4:37
25.Echoes from a Dream (Max Kinscheck Remix)by Platinum Project5:07
26.Computer Love (DJ Kuba & Neitan Remix) (vs. Gerald G!)by G&G4:10
27.Pornstar (Rene Rodrigezz Remix)by Niels van Gogh4:38
28.I Wanna Dance With You (Rob & Chris Remix)by Lolita Jolie4:13
29.Melbourne Trumpet (Extended Vocal Mix)by Arnold Palmer4:41
30.This World (Klaas Remix) (and DJ DMH)by Van Snyder5:19
31.Hope (Original Mix)by Dacos & Lucas Crapanzano5:25
32.Dirty and Corrupt (CJ Stone & Bomb'n Amato Remix)by Guenta K.4:56
33.Like Satellites (Mike Candys Remix Edit) (feat. Danni Rouge)by Manufactured Superstars3:38
34.Heaven Is Not Enough (Alva Edison Remix) (vs. DJ Alan Kay feat. Susan Albers)by J&M6:29
35.Get Loose (Extended Mix) (feat. Gerald G!)by Max K.5:05
36.Dropshot (Club Mix)by Zonk!4:45
37.Exhale (Original Mix)by Ricardo Rodriguez6:00
38.The Chaze (Dave Ramone Remix)by Jolie Noir5:41
39.Str!ke (Club Mix)by Walker & Daniels5:02
40.X-Ploration (Original Mix)by DJ Dean5:02
41.Bass Is Kickin (Original Mix)by Jack & Walter5:24
42.On My Way (Club Mix)by Arnold Palmer5:01
43.Missing You (Original Mix) (feat. Danielle Simeone)by George Acosta6:00
44.Waiting (Extended Mix)by Sunny Marleen4:52
45.Acid Phase (Original Mix)by Stefan Dabruck6:11
46.Up to No Good (Extended Mix)by 2-4 Grooves6:53
47.Famous (Extended Mix)by Nico Osbourne5:32
48.Talking About Love (Chris Montana Remix) (and Alexey Romeo feat. FML)by Denis The Menace5:58
49.Summer's Gone (Jay Frog Remix) (feat. Tony T)by Sash!6:23
50.Continuous Mix By Commercial Club Crewby Various Artists1:17:24
51.Continuous Mix By Arnold Palmerby Various Artists1:17:15