Danny The Dog mp3 Soundtrack by Massive Attack
  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:30


1.Opening Titleby Massive Attack1:10
2.Atta Boyby Massive Attack1:29
3.P Is For Pianoby Massive Attack1:56
4.Simple Rulesby Massive Attack1:20
5.Polaroid Girlby Massive Attack2:59
6.Samby Massive Attack3:08
7.One Thought At A Timeby Massive Attack4:23
8.Confused Imagesby Massive Attack1:59
9.Red Light Means Goby Massive Attack2:04
10.Collar Stays Onby Massive Attack1:51
11.You'Ve Never Had A Dreamby Massive Attack2:46
12.Right Way To Hold A Spoonby Massive Attack3:18
13.Everybody'S Got A Familyby Massive Attack1:29
14.Two Rocks And A Cup Of Waterby Massive Attack2:33
15.Sweet Is Goodby Massive Attack1:34
16.Montageby Massive Attack1:54
17.Everything About You Is Newby Massive Attack2:26
18.The Dog Obeysby Massive Attack2:20
19.Danny The Dogby Massive Attack5:53
20.I Am Homeby Massive Attack4:14
21.The Academyby Massive Attack1:44