De Stijl XX mp3 Artist Compilation by The White Stripes
  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:28:03


1.Truth Doesn't Make a Noise (acoustic demo)1:55
2.A Boy's Best Friend (acoustic demo)4:11
3.Sister, Do You Know My Name? (acoustic demo)2:17
4.I'm Bound to Pack It Up (acoustic demo)1:54
5.Expecting (acoustic demo)1:30
6.Vanilla Fields (acoustic demo)0:58
7.You're Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl) (take 2)1:47
8.Sister, Do You Know My Name? (acoustic outtake)2:49
9.Your Southern Can Is Mine (outtake)2:11
10.You're Right, I'm Wrong2:59
11.I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself2:44
12.The Party of Special Things to Do2:49
13.China Pig1:24
14.Ashtray Heart2:45
16.Rated X2:44
17.Lord, Send Me an Angel2:32
18.Let There Be Rock5:17
19.Dog Eat Dog3:21
20.You're Pretty Good Looking1:44
21.Hello Operator2:18
22.Death Letter4:32
23.Little Bird3:01
24.Lord, Send Me an Angel3:03
25.Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground2:57
26.Apple Blossom2:16
27.Broken Bricks1:37
28.Cannon / John the Revelator2:18
29.Truth Doesn't Make a Noise2:44
31.I'm Bored1:18
32.Let's Build a Home / Goin' Back to Memphis2:28
33.Suzy Lee2:38
34.After Hours2:35