Nine Miles From The White City (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by The White Stripes

Nine Miles From The White City (Limited Edition)by The White Stripes

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:27:38


Disk #1

1.When I Hear My Name3:07
2.Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground3:02
3.Love Sick3:50
4.Hotel Yorba2:04
6.Cool Drink of Water Blues2:13
7.The Hardest Button to Button4:06
8.I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart3:29
9.Stones in My Passway2:49
10.Stop Breakin' Down3:53
12.In the Cold, Cold Night3:53
13.Seven Nation Army3:59

Disk #2

1.The Same Boy You've Always Known4:07
2.Black Jack Davey3:02
3.We Are Going to Be Friends2:53
4.Offend in Every Way2:16
5.Little Cream Soda4:01
6.Cannon/Party of Special Things to Do2:50
7.Candy Cane Children1:49
8.The Air Near My Fingers2:53
9.This Protector2:18
10.Screwdriver (Tease)0:14
11.Ball and Biscuit7:00
12.Screwdriver (reprise)5:18
13.Let's Build a Home2:04
14.Goin' Back to Memphis5:40