Déepalma: Three Years - A Journey Of Deep And Disco mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Déepalma: Three Years - A Journey Of Deep And Discoby Various Artists

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:45:15


1.Es Vedra (Touch & Go Remix) (and Castellon)by Gabriel5:54
2.Shine (Original Mix) (and Alex Hook feat. Gosha)by Matvey Emerson5:45
3.New Day (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix)by Easy L.5:30
4.Your Love (Touch & Go Club Mix) (feat. Nuwella)by Loui & Scibi5:50
5.I Pray (Original Mix) (feat. Skyla J)by Matthew16268:28
6.Finally (Holter & Mogyoro Remix) (feat. Jalana)by Sweed6:37
7.Sometimes I Cry (Original Mix) (feat. Veselina Popova)by JazzyFunk5:23
8.With You (Ian Tosel Remix) (feat. Jaselle)by Nebu Mitte6:48
9.That Organ Track (Original Mix)by David Caballero6:35
10.All Our Mistakes (Original Mix)by Holter & Mogyoro6:50
11.While We Still Can (Yves Murasca Remix) (feat. Karolyn Haze)by Matthew16266:09
12.Heartless Beatings (Tapesh Remix) (and Yves Murasca feat. Silvia)by Rockaforte6:32
13.Control (Original Mix)by Rosario Galati7:23
14.Step Further (Original Mix)by Holter & Mogyoro6:48
15.Right Now (Original Mix) (feat. Rene)by Alex Hook5:14
16.When Tears Begin to Fall (Original Mix)by Prosis6:02
17.Element of Life (Ed's Dream) (Original Mix) (and JazzyFunk)by Max Lyazgin6:51
18.Don't Lie (Satin Jackets Remix)by Loui & Scibi5:54
19.Deep in My Chest (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix)by Rosario Galati7:00
20.Tetris (Original Mix) (and Stage Rockers)by Giom5:51
21.Turn It Down (Original Mix)by Promonova5:48
22.Space Trip (Ian Tosel Remix) (feat. Axel B.)by Yves Murasca5:53
23.Walk on Water (Original Mix) (and Jamie Kuse feat. Karolyn Haze)by Matthew16266:32
24.Hold On (Henry L Ghostly Refix) (feat. Leilani)by Soulano6:14
25.I Never Get Sleep (Original Mix) (feat. JazzyFunk)by Face Off7:24
26.Free (Original Mix) (and Deep Matter)by Sneak Unique7:36
27.Etnika (Original Mix)by Danilo De Santo6:46
28.You & I (Original Mix)by Tikki Tembo6:38
29.Can't Stop This Feeling (Original Mix) (and Paolo Solo)by Alex Del Toro6:58
30.Love Between Us (Arthur M Remix)by Menelaos T6:29
31.Holding Us (Yves Murasca's Deepalma Miami Edit) (and Johnny Bravo)by Polina Griffith6:33
32.Do You Remember? (Original Mix) (feat. JS)by Dumming Dum6:45
33.Love You (Original Mix) (feat. Sanna Hartfield)by Mister Salo5:35
34.Within My Thoughts (Original Mix)by Jarquin & Cano6:10
35.Now & Here (Matvey Emerson Remix)by Mika Olson6:30