Defqon.1 Festival 2008: Biological Insanity mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Defqon.1 Festival 2008: Biological Insanityby Various Artists

  • 64 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:40:34


Disk #1

1.Subsonicby Headhunterz2:45
2.I Survived (Different edit)by The Hose4:02
3.Revengeby Wildstylez2:12
4.Shreekby Noisecontrollers4:04
5.Total Eclipzby D-Block & S-Te-Fan4:02
6.The Legacyby Dozer4:02
7.I Will Growlby Tuneboy3:54
8.Kingdomby D-Block & S-Te-Fan5:14
9.Here Comes the Remix (D-Block & S-Te-Fan mix) (vs. The Viper)by G-Town Madness3:56
10.Spacer / Warpholeby Frontliner3:05
11.Nowhere to Hideby Alpha22:19
12.Freakin'by 2 Sidez4:03
13.Biological Chemistry (Black & White remix)by Zanza Labs2:07
14.Phasesby 2 Best Enemies4:39
15.Freedomby Zatox3:39
16.384.000 (and The Prophet)by DJ Zany2:54
17.Psycho Stylezby Floorcrushers2:21
18.Scary Trackby Tat & Zat3:37
19.In Time (feat. MC Rems)by Alpha22:41
20.Venomby Noisecontrollers3:35
21.Bringin the Funk (meets Digital Punk)by Marlon S3:58

Disk #2

1.Deep Impactby The Stunned Guys2:41
2.Killing Scum (DJ Promo Meets Shaolin remix)by The Masochist1:39
3.Thrillseeka (and DJ Paul Elstak)by The Stunned Guys4:43
4.Trigga Finga (and The Viper)by DJ Isaac1:38
5.Thundergroundby The Dark Raver3:14
6.Atmosfera (meets The Stunned Guys)by Lancinhouse2:38
7.Hymnby The Stunned Guys2:56
8.Get This Motherfucker (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte3:05
9.XTC Loveby Bertocucci Feranzano3:30
10.Our Definition of the Old Styleby The Stunned Guys2:48
11.Party Rico (and The Stunned Guys)by Darrien Kelly3:24
12.Alway Hardcoreby Bodylotion3:33
13.Vengeance (and Evil Activities)by Endymion4:08
14.Raw to the Floor (and The Viper)by Evil Activities3:33
15.Headbanger's Theme (Evil Activities remix) (vs. DJ Vince feat. MC Alee & MC Ruffian)by The Headbanger3:31
16.Let's Get in On (and Endymion)by Art of Fighters2:24
17.Still No.1 (and Tha Playah)by Neophyte3:14
18.Payback (Tommyknocker Trashed remix)by Endymion3:48
19.Negative (and Tha Playah)by Neophyte2:20
20.Nobody Said It Was Easyby Evil Activities3:09
21.Catastrophesby Amnesys3:04
22.Hymn (DJ Neophyte remix)by The Stunned Guys3:47
23.Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah remix)by Denekamps Gespuis3:48

Disk #3

1.Calling Earthby Yves Deruyter3:37
2.Universal Nation (The Real Anthem)by Push4:39
3.Electro Slutby Kamui4:34
4.Pura Vidaby Sander van Doorn4:35
5.Bullfightby Miss DJax4:06
6.Dead Peopleby Robert Natus5:16
7.Doggystyleby DJ Coone1:50
8.24 (and Lethal MG)by Q-Ic3:18
9.Biological Insanity (Defqon.1 Anthem 2008)by Deepack & Luna4:20
10.Ride With Usby D-Block & S-Te-Fan2:57
11.Fuckin Posersby Josh & Wesz3:24
12.My Veinsby Isaac3:55
13.Karmaby The Pitcher2:50
14.Tuuuduuuby Frontliner2:59
15.Here It Comes (vs. The Viper)by G-Town Madness3:33
16.Used & Abused (Dominion mix)by Party Animals2:43
17.Alles Kut Enter (feat. Angerfist)by Tomcat & Rudeboy4:09
18.Let's Get in On (and Endymion)by Art of Fighters3:00
19.Manhunt (and Fracture 4)by The Outside Agency4:25
20.Gnomes Tinker With Me (Hellfish remix)by Void Settler4:40