Demons And Wizards mp3 Album by Uriah Heep

Demons And Wizardsby Uriah Heep

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:36


1.The Wizard3:00
2.Traveller In Time3:25
3.Easy Livin'2:37
4.Poet's Justice4:16
5.Circle Of Hands6:26
6.Rainbow Demon4:25
7.All My Life2:44
9.The Spell7:32
Robert McGough
Demons And Wizards was the first album by Uriah Heep that I heard and that made fall in love with this great band. This was where Uriah Heep got their classic sound of metal and a kind of gothic sound . From songs that were really to the point, fast and short rock songs to the progressive rock of the 70's. The Wizard- starts off the album with an acoustic song with a rock punch towards the end. Traveler In Time and Easy Livin' are to fast paced rockers with their very distinct harmonies almost operatic tone. Easy Livin' was a FM favorite and the only Top 40 song for Uriah Heep but they were not about having songs on the singles chart, the songs were to complex. Ken Hensley on keyboards and Mick Box's guitar playing was sharp and clear and with Lee Kerslake on drums (later with Ozzy Osborne) they brought magic to this disc and you can hear some of the best of this on- Rainbow Demon- and- Poets Justice, these are my two favorites, even though just picking one is way to hard because the whole set is fantastic. Circle Of Hands- is almost like a sermon with the choir like vocals and message in the song to look to the gods for inspiration and to keep evil away. This is a great progressive/Metal/Rock album and by far their best give it a listen but make sure it is the whole disc , because it is a great magical tale.