Doctor Who: Series 11: Original Television Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Segun Akinola

Doctor Who: Series 11: Original Television Soundtrackby Segun Akinola

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:10


1.Doctor Who Series 11 Opening Titlesby Segun Akinola0:40
2.Getting That Bikeby Segun Akinola2:04
3.Long Storyby Segun Akinola1:18
4.This New Nose Is so Unreliableby Segun Akinola2:57
5.The Warriorby Segun Akinola2:38
6.Sonic Screwdriverby Segun Akinola1:07
7.The Doctor (feat. Hollie Buhagiar)by Segun Akinola3:26
8.You Really Need to Get out of Those Clothesby Segun Akinola2:22
9.Three Sunsby Segun Akinola2:28
10.Make It Through Those Ruinsby Segun Akinola3:54
11.My Beautiful Ghost Monumentby Segun Akinola3:54
12.Missing Youby Segun Akinola0:43
13.Insurance Policyby Segun Akinola4:34
14.My Famby Segun Akinola3:32
15.Tsurangaby Segun Akinola6:24
16.Resus Oneby Segun Akinola7:30
17.Kerblamby Segun Akinola7:59
18.Help in Dispatchby Segun Akinola5:08
19.Ranskoor Av Kolosby Segun Akinola2:16
20.The Shrineby Segun Akinola5:04
21.Keep Your Faithby Segun Akinola8:01
22.Thirteen (feat. Hollie Buhagiar)by Segun Akinola2:22
23.Get out That Doorby Segun Akinola1:55
24.Parks, Rosa Parksby Segun Akinola2:30
25.Artron Energyby Segun Akinola0:52
26.This Is Very Bad Newsby Segun Akinola3:56
27.Fishing Take Downby Segun Akinola1:18
28.Stand up Nowby Segun Akinola3:10
29.A Living Icon for Freedomby Segun Akinola1:17
30.Umbreen (feat. Shahid Abbas Khan)by Segun Akinola2:05
31.Thijarian Hiveby Segun Akinola5:09
32.I Love You Nani (feat. Shahid Abbas Khan)by Segun Akinola8:19
33.Yaz and Nani End Credits (feat. Shahid Abbas Khan)by Segun Akinola0:49
34.King Jamesby Segun Akinola3:19
35.Tendrilby Segun Akinola0:44
36.Moraxby Segun Akinola7:33
37.Reverse the Polarityby Segun Akinola7:27
38.Made a New Friendby Segun Akinola3:03
39.Rebuiltby Segun Akinola8:10
40.Me and My Matesby Segun Akinola10:21
41.Doctor Who Series 11 End Creditsby Segun Akinola0:52