Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD8 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD8by Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:02:43


1.Prologue: Skaro / "Doctor Who" Theme / The Casketby John Sponsler / Ron Grainer2:20
2.Breakoutby John Sponsler2:39
3.Wimps / Doctor #7 is Shotby John Sponsler / John Debney & John Sponsler1:51
4.Aftermathby John Debney & John Sponsler1:06
5.Mr Smith and the Ambulanceby John Debney1:52
6."I Am Not Human"by John Debney1:14
7.Flatlineby John Debney1:03
8.X-Ray / Snake in the Bathroomby John Sponsler / John Debney & John Sponsler1:37
9.The Taking of Bruceby John Debney1:04
10.Seven to Eightby John Debney2:21
11."Who Am I?"by Louis Febre1:58
12.City Scapeby John Debney & John Sponsler1:52
13.Bad Morningby John Debney0:34
14.Timeby John Debney & Louis Febre0:59
15."I Quit"by John Debney1:04
16.Primitive Wiring / The UnBruceby Louis Febre / John Debney & Louis Febre1:45
17.Two Heartsby John Debney & Louis Febre1:15
18.The TARDIS / True Identityby John Debney & Louis Febre2:18
19.Night Walkby John Debney & Louis Febre1:49
20.The Eye of Harmony / Half Humanby Louis Febre4:38
21.Until Midnight / Atomic Clockby Louis Febre2:03
22.Green Eyesby John Sponsler0:52
23.The Chaseby John Debney & John Sponsler3:21
24.Beryllium Clock / Bragg's Keyby Louis Febre1:14
25.Jelly Babyby John Debney0:13
26.Slimedby John Debney & Louis Febre2:09
27.Under the Influenceby Louis Febre0:50
28.Crown of Nailsby John Debney & John Sponsler1:15
29.Lee's Last Chanceby John Debney & John Sponsler2:12
30."Open the Eye"by John Debney & John Sponsler2:29
31."Reroute Power!" / Temporal Orbitby John Sponsler / John Debney & Louis Febre6:20
32.To Hold Death Backby John Debney & Louis Febre1:57
33.Farewellby John Debney & Louis Febre1:39
34.End Credits / "Doctor Who" Themeby Ron Grainer0:50