Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD7by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:16


1."It's the Man I Want"by Keff McCulloch0:22
2.Doctor Who Theme (1987 - Opening)by Ron Grainer0:53
3.Music from "Time and the Rani" (Extended Suite)by Keff McCulloch4:03
4.Taken to the Cleanersby Keff McCulloch1:32
5.Drinksmat Dawningby Keff McCulloch1:28
6.The Making of Pexby Keff McCulloch1:23
7.Music from "Delta and the Bannermen"by Keff McCulloch3:39
8."Here's to the Future" (featuring The Lorells)by Keff McCulloch1:57
9.Music from "Dragonfire" (Extended Suite)by Dominic Glynn7:12
10.Music from "Remembrance of the Daleks" (Extended Suite)by Keff McCulloch8:21
11.Time Will Tellby Keff McCulloch1:00
12.Music from "The Happiness Patrol"by Dominic Glynn7:12
13.Fourth Reichby Keff McCulloch1:21
14.Landing of the Cybermenby Keff McCulloch2:48
15.Shooting at Usby Keff McCulloch1:26
16.Music from "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" (Extended Suite)by Mark Ayres7:07
17.Music from "Battlefield" (Extended Suite)by Keff McCulloch5:25
18.Music from "Ghost Light"by Mark Ayres4:32
19.Music from "The Curse of Fenric" (Extended Suite)by Mark Ayres7:31
20.Music from "Survival" (Extended Suite)by Dominic Glynn8:25
21."...and somewhere else, the tea's getting cold"by Dominic Glynn0:24
22.Doctor Who Theme (1987 - Closing)by Ron Grainer1:15