Dream Dance, Volume 77 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dream Dance, Volume 77by Various Artists

  • 67 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:57:14


Disk #1

1.Fly (Radio Edit) (and Matthew Tasa)by Dream Dance Alliance3:38
2.Waiting For Loveby Avicii3:50
3.Stardust (and Armin van Buuren)by Jean Michel Jarre4:37
4.This Is Who We Are (Radio Edit) (and Syzz)by Dash Berlin3:08
5.Sky High (Tiësto Edit) (and Firebeatz)by Tiësto3:33
6.Breathe Again (Radio Edit) (feat. Harry Brooks)by DJ Shog3:14
7.The One (Radio Edit)by W&W2:30
8.Invincible (Tom Swoon Radio Mix) (and Oliver Kraus)by Kelly Clarkson3:38
9.Hyper Love (Summer 15 Remix Edit) (feat. Nat Dunn)by Ferry Corsten3:47
10.Alone (Andrew Rayel Remix Edit) (feat. Kristina Antuna)by Cosmic Gate3:31
11.Louder (Pvd vs. Ben Nicky Remix) (and Roger Shah feat. Daphne Khoo)by Paul van Dyk5:48
12.Oxygen (Chicane vs. Westfunk Radio Edit) (feat. Paul Aiden)by Chicane3:25
13.Lighthouse (Radio Edit)by Nicky Romero3:05
14.Cinematic (Radio Edit) (feat. Denny White)by Fedde Le Grand3:57
15.I Found Your Heart (Vocal Radio Edit) (feat. Emeni)by DubVision3:25
16.Summer (Radio Edit)by Dimaro3:24
17.FAWL (From Amsterdam With Love) (Radio Edit)by Alpharock3:48
18.Summertime Girl (DJ Shog Remix Edit) (and Alexsai)by Sean Finn3:09
19.Where Should We Go Now (Vox Edit) (and Moxi)by Adam van Garrel3:14
20.Sandcastles (Radio Edit)by Volt & State3:14
21.Beautiful (It Hurts)by Project 463:16
22.Golden Child (Original Mix) (feat. Yono)by Dave 2023:30

Disk #2

1.Reality (Radio Edit) (feat. Janieck Devy)by Lost Frequencies2:40
2.Supergirl (Radio Edit) (feat. Alle Farben & Younotus)by Anna Naklab3:33
3.The Sweetest Symphony (Mann & Meer Remix)by Amfree3:19
4.Good To Be Loved (Radio Edit)by M-222:54
5.When I'm With U (Sonic Acoustics Edit) (vs. Sonic Acoustics feat. Pitbull & A. Rose Jackson)by Lotus3:35
6.Sonnenmädchen (Charming Horses Sunset Radio Edit) (feat. Jason Anousheh)by Lizot & Charming Horses2:37
7.Don't You Worry Child (Charming Horses Remix Edit)by Beth3:38
8.Toy Soldiers (Mann & Meer Remix)by Kanai3:09
9.I Should Have Known Better (Radio Edit)by Holmes & Watson3:23
10.I Can Love You Better (Original Edit) (vs. Alex DJ)by Sonic Acoustics3:21
11.Holiday (Dimaro Radio Edit) (feat. Akon)by DJ Antoine3:31
12.Turn It Up (Original Edit)by Mason Tyler3:41
13.Welcome To My World (Dream Dance Alliance Remix Edit) (feat. Ina Morgan)by Thomas Petersen3:42
14.I Surrender (Arno Cost Remix Edit) (feat. Alicia Madison)by Denny Berland3:23
15.Behind The Walls (Radio Edit) (feat. Harriet Hill)by Uplink3:13
16.Masterpiece (Martin van Lectro Remix Edit)by Manuel Lauren3:23
17.Follow Me (Radio Edit)by Mr. Green4:07
18.Fire (Single Edit)by Van der Karsten3:52
19.The Sun (CJ Stone & Milo.Nl Edit)by CJ Stone3:18
20.Back To Love (Dream Dance Alliance Remix Edit) (and Dave Cansis)by Tube Tonic3:06
21.Here Without You 2.5 (CJ Stone Festival Remix Edit) (and Aquagen)by Andrew Spencer3:26
22.Wherever You Are (and DJ Fait)by Pulsedriver2:56
23.Sun Is Up (Radio Edit)by Kindervater2:47
24.Beautiful (Radio Edit)by Rocco3:16

Disk #3

1.Counting Down The Days (Radio Edit) (feat. Gemma Hayes)by Above & Beyond3:19
2.So Easy (Radio Edit)by Kyau & Albert3:21
3.Counting Stars (Original Edit) (and Gemma Pavlovic)by Aboutblank3:27
4.I Run To You (and Linnea Schossow)by Alex Klingle3:22
5.Veins (Radio Edit) (feat. LJ Ayrten)by Craig Connelly3:42
6.Memories (Vocal Edit) (feat. Pearl Andersson)by Nolita3:28
7.Clouds Across My Heart (Radio Edit) (and Cynthia Hall)by Store N Forward3:59
8.Aika (Radio Edit)by BT & Super8 & Tab3:50
9.Les Ailes (Club Mix Edit) (vs. David Meshow & Francis Gaulin feat. Julia Westlin)by Dennis Sheperd3:58
10.No One Like You (Radio Edit)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:41
11.Her Mascara Was Born To Run (Original Mix Edit)by Space Raven3:25
12.Click It Or Ticket (Original Edit)by Raven & Kleekamp3:05
13.Anahera (Radio Edit) (pres. Gouryella)by Ferry Corsten4:22
14.Juno (Radio Edit) (vs. M.I.K.E. Push)by Rank 14:57
15.A Blast From The Past (Para X Remix Edit)by Savon3:27
16.Set Your Heaven Free (Radio Edit) (feat. Jess Morgan)by Amir Hussain3:48
17.Statues (Bryan Kearney Radio Mix) (feat. Bethany Marie)by Bryn Liedl3:40
18.Made It Through The Rain (Radio Edit) (and Katty Heath)by Adam Ellis4:15
19.All Gone (Ram Uplifting Radio Edit) (and RAM feat. Christina)by Andy Moor3:43
20.A New Age (Radio Edit) (with Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal)by Aly & Fila3:53
21.Among Them (Radio Edit)by Dreamy4:01