DROGAS WAVE mp3 Album by Lupe Fiasco

DROGAS WAVEby Lupe Fiasco

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:38:40


1.In the Event of Typhoon0:19
4.Gold vs the Right Things to Do3:43
5.Slave Ship (interlude)3:31
6.WAV Files6:38
7.Down (feat. Nikki Jean)6:17
8.Haile Selassie (feat. Nikki Jean)4:50
9.Alan Forever (feat. Crystal Torres)4:45
10.Helter Skelter (interlude)0:17
11.Stronger (feat. Nikki Jean)4:05
12.Sun God Sam & The California Drug Deals (feat. Nikki Jean)4:44
13.XO (feat. Troi Irons)4:32
14.Don't Mess Up the Children (interlude)0:45
15.Jonylah Forever3:46
16.Kingdom (feat. Damian Marley)4:46
17.Baba Kwesi (interlude)0:36
18.Imagine (feat. Simon Sayz & Crystal Torres)4:08
19.Stack That Cheese (feat. Nikki Jean)4:14
20.Cripple (feat. Elena Pinderhughes)4:51
21.King Nas5:58
22.Quotations From Chairman Fred (feat. Nikki Jean & Bishop Edgar Jackson)7:09
23.Happy Timbuck2 Day5:48
24.Mural Jr.5:13