Welcome to the Jungle mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Welcome to the Jungleby Various Artists

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:19:10


1.Here Comes The Danger (and Sweetie Irie)by Dope Ammo3:51
2.Sensationby AC134:53
3.Kill A Sound (and DJ Hybrid feat. Spyda)by Dope Ammo4:08
4.Galist (Sigma Remix)by Top Cat5:05
5.Limb by Limb (DJ Hybrid Remix)by Cutty Ranks5:13
6.I Need Your Lovin (feat. Cat Mctigue)by Jukebox Jungle3:50
7.Badman Nah Beg Frenby Turno6:01
8.Take Me Away (Come Hard Mix) (and Mark XTC)by Exile5:40
9.Gangsta (and MC $pyda)by Benny Page3:43
10.Dubplate Style (and Stivs feat. Cheshire Cat) (Bou Remix)by Aries4:26
11.System Testby Galvatron4:49
12.XXLby Conrad Subs4:29
13.Turn Down The Lights (Benny Page VIP Mix)by Benny Page3:23
14.Repent (Dope Ammo Remix)by Dope Ammo3:21
15.Warn Dem (feat. Doktor)by Benny Page3:25
16.Killa Bwoyby ScattyOne5:13
17.Hand Inna Di Air (DJ Hybrid Remix)by Brian Brainstorm4:43
18.Babylon Falling (Ed Solo Remix) (and Taiwan MC)by Dope Ammo4:37
19.Fire Fire Fire (Dope Ammo Remix)by Kirsty Bertarelli3:30
20.Oldtimes (and Broomers feat. Martin Carr) (Kleu Remix)by Dope Ammo4:58
21.Decodedby Levela4:27
22.Cant Leave (DJ Hybrid Remix)by Brian Brainstorm4:31
23.Armed & Dangerous (DJ Hybrid Remix) (and Ikon-B)by Crisis4:50
24.Soundboy Surrender (Brian Brainstorm Remix)by Kartoon4:49
25.Lion A Lionby Epicentre5:10
26.What's Goin Down (and DJ Hybrid)by Dope Ammo3:56
27.What Else (Epicentre Remix)by DJ Hybrid6:35
28.This Is My Town (and DJ Hybrid)by Too Greezey5:40
29.Rough Love (DJ Hybrid Remix)by DJ Cautious5:12
30.Hold Onby My Selecta4:10
31.Wishin' On a Star (feat. Rio Hellyer) (Dope Ammo, Benny Page & Zero G Remix)by Dope Ammo3:56
32.One Amen A Day (DJ Hybrid Remix)by BassFlexx5:53
33.Sound Boiby Kumarachi5:37
34.X Amount of Spliff (DJ Hybrid Remix) (and Kosine)by Mystery6:07
35.Rude Man Soundby RMS5:38
36.Bust Them Up (with Gold Dubs & Bladerunner feat. Navigator & Cheshire Cat) (Kleu Remix)by Aries5:13
37.Bounce (Ruffstuff Refix) (and Friller)by Ruffstuff4:36
38.Badman Inna My Ends (and Run Tingz Cru feat. Redders) (Levela Remix)by Dope Ammo4:28
39.Stranger In Town (feat. Exco Levi)by Riddim Punks4:37
40.Breatheby Bladerunner4:57
41.Itch & Scratchby Gella4:22
42.Warning (Mozey Remix)by Dope Ammo4:56
43.99 Dub (Rollers VIP) (and DJ Hybrid)by DJ Slinke5:35
44.How We Get Down (and Jasmine Knight feat. Run Tingz Cru) (Blackley Remix)by Dope Ammo2:53
45.Kill Bill (Certified Special VIP)by Dope Ammo4:51
46.In The Jungleby Xyphon5:11
47.Supernovaby Veak4:08
48.Better Believe (feat. Shortston) (DJ Hybrid 2020 Remix)by Dope Ammo5:16
49.Salvation (and DJ Hybrid)by Dope Ammo3:12
50.Junglist Style (feat. Killamanjaro)by Euphonique5:25
51.Love The Vibeby DJ Hybrid5:55
52.Saturday (Benny Page Remix) (with Broomers & Kathy Brown)by Dope Ammo3:05
53.Trigger Finger (and Dope Ammo)by DJ Hybrid4:26
54.Flying (with DJ Panik & Anomy feat. Yemi Bolatiwa & Gigante MC) (Brian Brainstorm Remix)by Dope Ammo4:19
55.Feeling Good (feat. Jasmine Knight)by Dope Ammo3:37
56.Welcome To The Jungle (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:02:19