Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:42:24


Disk #1

1.... And the Gods Made Love1:23
2.Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)2:10
3.Crosstown Traffic2:27
4.Voodoo Chile15:03
5.Little Miss Strange2:53
6.Long Hot Summer Night3:28
7.Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)4:10
8.Gypsy Eyes3:45
9.Burning of the Midnight Lamp3:41
10.Rainy Day, Dream Away3:41
11.1983... (A Merman Should I Turn to Be)13:42
12.Moon, Turn the Tides... Gently Gently Away1:03
13.Still Raining, Still Dreaming4:27
14.House Burning Down4:33
15.All Along the Watchtower4:02
16.Voodoo Child (slight return)5:13

Disk #2

1.1983... (A Merman Should I Turn to Be)7:48
3.Cherokee Mist3:15
4.Hear My Train a Comin'1:21
5.Voodoo Chile10:06
6.Gypsy Eyes3:03
8.Long Hot Summer Night (demo 1)2:09
9.Long Hot Summer Night (demo 3)2:06
10.Long Hot Summer Night (demo 4)1:53
11.Snowballs at My Window0:46
12.My Friend4:12
13.And the Gods Made Love (At Last... The Beginning)1:37
14.Angel Caterina5:00
15.Little Miss Strange3:31
16.Long Hot Summer Night (take 1)3:56
17.Long Hot Summer Night (take 14)4:16
18.Rainy Day, Dream Away4:37
19.Rainy Day Shuffle3:14
20.1983... (A Merman Should I Turn to Be)10:22

Disk #3

1.Introduction (live at the Hollywood Bowl)3:46
2.Are You Experienced? (live at the Hollywood Bowl)9:57
3.Voodoo Child (slight return, live at the Hollywood Bowl)8:00
4.Red House (live at the Hollywood Bowl)11:55
5.Foxey Lady (live at the Hollywood Bowl)2:42
6.Fire (live at the Hollywood Bowl)1:43
7.Hey Joe (live at the Hollywood Bowl)5:27
8.Sunshine of Your Love (live at the Hollywood Bowl)7:15
9.I Don't Live Today (live at the Hollywood Bowl)5:11
10.Little Wing (live at the Hollywood Bowl)4:23
11.Star Spangled Banner (live at the Hollywood Bowl)3:27
12.Purple Haze (live at the Hollywood Bowl)4:33