Winterland mp3 Live by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:39:08


Disk #1

1.Tax Free15:16
2.Lover Man5:21
3.Sunshine of Your Love7:31
4.Hear My Train a Comin'11:34
5.Killing Floor7:56
6.Foxey Lady5:37
7.Hey Joe7:20
8.Star Spangled Banner5:56
9.Purple Haze5:37

Disk #2

1.Tax Free10:01
2.Like a Rolling Stone11:46
3.Lover Man3:46
4.Hey Joe5:13
6.Foxey Lady5:13
7.Are You Experienced?12:13
8.Red House12:24
9.Purple Haze5:19

Disk #3

2.Lover Man4:30
3.Like a Rolling Stone11:49
4.Manic Depression5:34
5.Sunshine of Your Love9:02
6.Little Wing4:01
7.Spanish Castle Magic6:29
8.Red House9:14
9.Hey Joe6:45
10.Purple Haze3:42
11.Wild Thing3:30

Disk #4

1.Foxey Lady (1968-10-12)6:05
2.Are You Experienced (1968-10-10)7:28
3.Voodoo Child (slight return) (1968-10-10)7:43
4.Red House (1968-10-10)15:21
5.Star Spangled Banner (1968-10-11)6:11
6.Purple Haze (1968-10-11)6:16
7.Boston Garden Backstage Interview (1968-11-16)19:05