Empire (Deluxe Edition Boxset) mp3 Album by Queensrÿche

Empire (Deluxe Edition Boxset)by Queensrÿche

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:38:28


Disk #1

1.Best I Can5:33
2.The Thin Line5:42
3.Jet City Woman5:21
4.Della Brown7:03
5.Another Rainy Night (Without You)4:41
8.Silent Lucidity5:47
9.Hand On Heart5:32
10.One And Only5:53
11.Anybody Listening7:39

Disk #2

1.Last Time In Paris (B-Side)3:57
2.Scarborough Fair (B-Side)3:50
3.Dirty Lil' Secret (B-Side)4:08
4.Silent Lucidity (Single Edit)4:57
5.Empire (Single Edit)4:46
6.I Dream In Infrared (Acoustic Version - B-Side)4:00
7.Prophecy (Live In Tokyo - B-Side)4:03
8.Best I Can (Radio Edit - B-Side)4:55
9.Anybody Listening (Radio Edit)4:47

Disk #3

1.Resistance (Live)4:33
2.Walk In The Shadows (Live)3:57
3.Best I Can (Live)5:16
4.Empire (Live)5:12
5.The Thin Line (Live)5:44
6.Jet City Woman (Live)5:31
7.Roads To Madness (Live)9:32
8.Silent Lucidity (Live)5:43
9.Hand On Heart (Live)5:18
10.Take Hold Of The Flame (Live)5:11