Encore mp3 Album by Eminem
  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:29:21


Disk #1

1.Curtains Up0:47
2.Evil Deeds4:20
3.Never Enough2:40
4.Yellow Brick Road5:46
5.Like Toy Soldiers4:57
8.My 1St Single5:03
9.Paul (Skit)0:32
10.Rain Man5:14
11.Big Weenie4:27
12.Em Calls Paul (Skit)1:12
13.Just Lose It4:09
14.Ass Like That4:25
15.Spend Some Time5:11
17.Crazy In Love4:02
18.One Shot 2 Shot4:27
19.Final Thought (Skit)0:30
20.Encore / Curtains Down5:48

Disk #2

1.Eminem - We As Americans4:38
2.Eminem - Love You More4:46
3.Eminem - Ricky Ticky Toc2:50
This album is awesome! One of his best in my opinion. I really enjoy listening to almost every song on this album. He has some funny songs on this album as well as serious songs which is why I think that this is such a great album. Eminem is my favorite rapper. He has different styles.I enjoy most of these songs but my favorite song on here is Big Weenie. It's a funny one. This album gets 4 stars from me.