Forbidden Demos 1985/1991 mp3 Artist Compilation by XYZ

Forbidden Demos 1985/1991by XYZ

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:16


1.Can't Get Over You (Never Released) (1990 Demo)3:33
2.Inside Out (1988 Demo)3:45
3.High Life (with Marc Diglio) (1988 Demo)3:43
4.Follow The Night (1987 Demo)3:37
5.You Got Me Wrong (1988 Live)4:21
6.After The Rain (1987 Demo)3:18
7.Souvenirs (with Mark Diglio) (1987 Demo)5:07
8.Made For Love (1986 Demo)4:13
9.It Could Be You (1986 Demo)3:41
10.Seventeen (1986 Demo)4:10
11.Just A Friend (1985 Demo)2:33
12.Lonely without You (with Marc Diglio) (Demo)4:37
13.Missin' You (with Marc Diglio) (Demo)4:29
14.Rainy Days (with Bobby Pieper) (Demo)4:08
15.Lonely without You (with Bobby Pieper) (Demo)4:59
16.Never Too Late (Demo)3:43
17.Souvenirs (with Bobby Pieper) (Demo)4:57
18.High Life (with Bobby Pieper) (Demo)4:22