A Rush of Blood to the Head mp3 Album by Coldplay

A Rush of Blood to the Headby Coldplay

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:11


2.In My Place3:49
3.God Put A Smile Upon Your Face4:57
4.The Scientist5:09
7.Green Eyes3:43
8.Warning Sign5:31
9.A Whisper3:58
10.A Rush Of Blood To The Head5:51
This is by far Coldplay's best album as a whole. This album shows the bands maturity as songwriters and it was released at a time I their career that they were focused simply on creative expression. This album is an perfect example of how Coldplay can make melancholy ideas into listenable music. It's not overwhelmingly depressing but it also doesn't lose its inner sense of sadness. This album has some of Coldplay best material in their discography from a songwriting standpoint.
"A Rush of Blood to the Head" is Coldplay's second album and is their definitive album. Their sound adds more guitar and piano than "Parachutes" and contributes to the album's powerful, emotional, and inspiring songwriting. Key tracks include "In My Place", "The Scientist", "Clocks", and "Warning Sign".
STILL the definitive Coldplay album.

They released their first three albums as a kind of trilogy of albums, with Rush of Blood to the Head being the second. It certainly sits in between the other two, with the first one (Parachutes) being more acoustic and mellow (with the exception of well-known 'Yellow'), and the third (X&Y) emphasizing the rock of alt-rock.

In this middle is this masterful album, which somehow still sounds just right more than 10 years after release. From intense opening of Politik, with it's driving rhythms (which suddenly switch on you towards the end of the track for a hauntingly beautiful finish), to the instantly recognizable Clocks, with its repetitive piano part, to the last cut, Amsterdam, with its mellow start and climactic finish. Chris Martin doesn't put a foot wrong on this entire album regarding the songwriting.

Other highlights include The Scientist: a devastatingly beautiful and sad song that is piano-driven and features one of the best 'drops' of all time. Also, Green Eyes, a guitar led acoustic piece, which is easy to learn. And Warning Sign - perhaps one of the most underrated songs in Coldplay's entire repertoire.

The reality is that this is one of those albums you should listen to all the way through, over and over again. Not one that you will ever regret buying.
What a masterpiece...

Every single song on this album was beautifully written, and I love the sounds I hear! My favorite song is Politik. It's got highs and lows that I like about Coldplay. They don't just stay one tone everytime. It's great! Clocks was a genius song, and I loved it. It sounds beautiful acoustic, and on piano it's also awesome.

This album by Coldplay has songs that you just listen to on repeat because they're so good! The first song I heard from this album was Clocks, and I didn't stop listening for weeks until I found another Coldplay song, which was Yellow from the album Parachutes. Beautiful album with absolutely beautiful sound! Love it!