G N' R Lies mp3 Album by Guns N' Roses
  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 33:36


1.Reckless Life3:23
2.Nice Boys3:02
3.Move To The City3:43
4.Mama Kin3:57
6.Used To Love Her3:14
7.You'Re Crazy4:10
8.One In A Million6:10
Daufhin Thorndike
I love this E.P. Pairing the live, electric "Live Like A Suicide" release with an E.P. of acoustic numbers was brilliant. I enjoy both sides of the coin here. The live tracks are really raw and blistering. I just wish there was more of them- I could stand to listen to a whole album recorded like side one of this E.P. And speaking of that, I have to mention that GNR still have yet to include two great tracks initially left off of this release. The live version of "Shadow Of Your Love" recorded for this E.P. and then dropped just before release is amazing, and the highly vulgar acoustic jam of "Cornshucker's Blues" that was too graphic to include. I am waiting for the day when Axl and co. will put them back on and they can see their proper release. But even in their absence, this is a very good E.P. and highly recommended.