G`z & Souljas mp3 Album by B.G. & Soulja Slim

G`z & Souljasby B.G. & Soulja Slim

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:28


1.Soulja Slim Intro0:20
2.Not My Dawg2:05
3.Owe Me (feat. C-Murder & Lil Boosie)3:59
4.On The Run1:04
6.Don`t Talk To Me2:39
7.I C U Ridin` (feat. Gar)2:57
8.Let It Go Down2:06
9.Stop Fuckin Wit Us1:44
10.Keep It 100 (feat. Magnolia Chop)1:45
11.Fuck U (feat. Ceto & LD Herb)2:46
12.Ya Heard Me (feat. Lil Wayne & Juvenile)2:18
13.Ya Heard Me3:11
14.Where They At1:25
15.Where They At (feat. HomeBwoi)1:57
16.Wuzzup (feat. Calicoe & 6-Shot)1:36
17.Talk Now (feat. Mia X)2:25
18.Write Me2:05
19.You Got It, Pt. 21:31
20.What`chu Wanna Do (feat. 6-Shot & Trenitty)1:18
22.Never Back Down (feat. Ziggler The Wiggler)2:08
23.Imma Uptown Gangster (feat. VL Mike)2:31
24.Born Hustler (feat. Hot Beezo & Lonnie)3:39
25.How Many (feat. Trenitty & Mystikal)3:29
26.Slow Motion (feat. Juvenile)4:18
27.Let It Go1:20
28.Gangsta Sht2:25
29.Make It Happen (feat. Krazy)3:35
30.Heata On Me (feat. Lil Real One)2:01
31.BG Speakin On It0:35
32.It`s On3:39
33.I Do This (bonus)3:30
34.I`m Still Here (feat. Turk)2:34