Garage Inc. mp3 Album by Metallica
  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:36


Disk #1

1.Free Speech For The Dumb2:35
2.It'S Electric3:34
3.Sabbra Cadabra6:20
4.Turn The Page6:06
5.Die, Die My Darling2:29
6.Lover Man7:53
7.Mercyful Fate11:11
9.Whiskey In The Jar5:05
10.Tuesday'S Gone9:06
11.The More I See4:49

Disk #2

2.The Small Hours6:43
3.The Wait4:55
4.Crash Course In Brain Surgery3:10
5.Last Caress/Green Hell3:30
6.Am I Evil?7:50
9.The Prince4:26
10.Stone Cold Crazy2:18
11.So What3:09
12.Killing Time3:04
14.Damage Case3:40
15.Stone Dead Forever4:52
16.Too Late Too Late3:12
As we all know, Metallica started out as James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich recording the song Hit the Lights. The band then hired Dave Mustaine on the lead guitar and Ron McGovney on bass. The band initially did not have good chemistry, as the band members were always getting into fights and arguments, mainly triggered by Dave Mustaine. Because he poured beer on Ron's bass and scratched up his car, Mustaine was fired after Ron left. The famous Cliff Burton replaced Ron before Dave was fired, and Cliff and Dave were good friends. When Dave was fired, Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett joined the band, and they released their debut album, Kill 'em All. After releasing their awesome debut, Metallica released one of their classics, Ride the Lightning. The song is filled with classics, and the same applies to its (almost) equal, Master of Puppets. Unfortunately, tragedy struck during tours for Master of Puppets. Cliff Burton was killed in a bus crash because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. The band soon got a replacement to continue making music, Jason Newstead, and their fourth album (not as good as the last two), ...And Justice for All. When recording their fifth album, Metallica, James blew out his voice box recording a cover song to be released as a B-Side for the Sad but True single. The album marks a change to regular metal. No more thrash metal for them. However, because James' voice is dead and gone, they had to record Load and Reload in Eb. The albums used southern rock references as well. Their eighth release, considered to be their absolute worst, St. Anger, is more of an experimental album. The snare drum's snares are turned off, giving an annoying metallic sound (much like beating on a trash can). However, Metallica, with their astounding 99 total original songs written, covered 27 different songs, and added their own style to them. The first disc has all their newer stuff, while everything pre-load is on disc 2.
I absolutely love this album, and their dynamics used. The heaviness and speed is outstandingly great. This one deserves a 5 thumbs up by me. How about you? The qualities were, this site is cheap, there biggest album (VALUE!!!), their music that isn't usually payed attention to. You should listen to this album if you like it. "Whiskey in the Jar" is my mom's favorite song from Metallica, and it is mine too. I love "Overkill" too. Remember, BUY THIS ALBUM! It is well worth the money, and it is great!