Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past mp3 Album by Bastille

Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Pastby Bastille

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:56


Disk #1

1.Distorted Light Beam2:57
2.Thelma + Louise2:17
3.No Bad Days3:05
4.Brave New World (Interlude)0:27
5.Back To The Future2:53
6.Plug In.2:40
7.Promises (feat. Riz Ahmed)1:25
8.Shut Off The Lights3:07
9.Stay Awake?3:07
10.Give Me The Future3:40
11.Club 573:13
12.Total Dissociation (Interlude)0:44
13.Future Holds (feat. Bim Amoako)2:43

Disk #2

1.Back To The Innerverse (Interlude)0:20
2.Real Life2:20
3.Family Ties2:47
4.Distorted Light Beam (reprise)3:24
7.No More Bad Days3:59
8.Hope for the Future3:33

Disk #3

1.Other People’s Heartache (interlude)0:45
2.Run Into Trouble3:03
3.Remind Me3:03
4.Eight Hours3:29
5.Dancing in the Dark3:07
6.Running Away2:52