Gothic Spirits 13 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Gothic Spirits 13by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:54


Disk #1

1.Fallen Angelby Sirenia3:58
2.Amnesiaby Tristania4:54
3.Sonne der Nachtby Schöngeist4:46
4.Liberation (Hieros Gamos)by Golden Apes3:57
5.World Collapseby Shadows' Grey3:30
6.One Wish Awayby Katra4:08
7.Further Afieldby Edenbridge5:53
8.Last of the Lordsby Battlelore5:42
9.I'm Gonna Die for Youby Katanga5:58
10.Antigodby Samael4:06
11.Chemical Distractionby Razorfade5:29
12.If Uriel Fallsby Whispers in the Shadow3:24
13.Credo Flaming Rain (feat. Nera)by Semargl4:08
14.With Love and a Bulletby Shadowgarden4:26
15.This Is the Timeby Epica3:59
16.Out of the Windby The Man-Eating Tree3:50
17.Sitra Ahraby Therion5:26

Disk #2

1.Far From Homeby Serenity4:47
2.Everyone Cares (Special album-version)by Angelzoom3:59
3.Don't Fear the Sleepby Dark the Suns5:03
4.Kaltes Herzby Mandylion5:40
5.Why Can't Iby Mono Inc.4:24
6.Beauty in Deconstructionby Theatre of Tragedy4:52
7.Under the Swayby End of Green4:38
8.Black Throneby Darkseed4:42
9.Where Daylight Failsby Visions of Atlantis4:09
10.Road to Depressionby All Ends6:22
11.Satellite Childby Remo Park5:00
12.Aloneby Poisonblack4:42
13.Out of Sightby Imperia4:10
14.Worth the Waitby IScintilla4:33
15.Chess With the Abyssby Dimmu Borgir4:08
16.Der dürre Königby Teufel5:11

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