Gothic Romance 5 by Various Artists

Gothic Romance 5

by Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:26


Disk #1

1.Within Meby Lacuna Coil3:40
2.Awayby Nightwish4:28
3.Never Say Dieby Mono Inc.4:15
4.From Now-Here to Nowhereby Poisonblack6:10
5.High Enoughby Nemesea4:11
6.The Huntby Stream of Passion4:27
7.In My Veinsby Exilia3:24
8.Some Like It Coldby Xandria3:56
9.Come Closerby Delain4:31
10.End of the Roadby Sentenced5:01
11.Terra Incognitaby Coronatus4:30
12.Rememberby Dommin4:59
13.Lullabyby Leandra5:10
14.Voices of Winterby The Beauty of Gemina4:21
15.Midwinter Nightsby Arven5:02
16.Der Hauch des Lebensby Eisbrecher4:07
17.Love You to Deathby Type O Negative4:51

Disk #2

1.Am Ende des Wegsby Subway to Sally4:50
2.Abendsternby Megaherz3:42
3.Seeds of Sorrowby Darkseed4:41
4.Starlightby End of Green4:17
5.Wann kommt die Zeitby Seelenzorn5:13
6.Amnesiaby Tristania4:54
7.The Enigma of Lifeby Sirenia6:13
8.Reflectionby Visions of Atlantis4:15
9.Hopeless Playby Mooncry5:05
10.Broomstick Jesusby Alien Hand Syndrome4:58
11.Weakness in Your Eyesby Elysion4:01
12.The Rarest Flowerby Liv Kristine4:04
13.Into the Lightby In This Moment4:11
14.Winterby Letzte Instanz4:46
15.Triggerby Cryoshell3:53
16.Hurt So Bad (How Can Something So Good)by Krypteria3:56
17.Schliess die Augenby Schlagwerk3:24

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