Greatest Hits & More mp3 Artist Compilation by The Moody Blues

Greatest Hits & Moreby The Moody Blues

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:31:01


Disk #1

1.Go Now3:12
2.Tuesday Afternoon4:48
3.Nights in White Satin7:41
4.Ride My See-Saw4:25
5.Voices in the Sky3:32
6.The Best Way to Travel3:09
7.Lovely to See You2:38
8.Dear Diary3:54
9.Never Comes the Day4:42
10.The Actor4:41
11.Have You Heard2:42
12.Eyes of a Child3:26
13.Never Thought I'd Live to Be a Hundred1:07
14.Candle of Life4:13
15.Watching and Waiting4:14
17.Dawning Is the Day4:27
18.Isn't Life Strange5:43

Disk #2

1.Melancholy Man5:45
2.The Story in Your Eyes2:55
3.For My Lady3:59
4.I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)4:19
5.Remember Me, My Friend5:29
6.Had to Fall in Love3:37
7.Blue Guitar3:41
9.The Voice5:16
10.Talking Out of Turn7:17
11.Gemini Dream4:07
12.Your Wildest Dreams4:52
13.I Know You're Out There Somewhere6:41
14.Forever Autumn4:35
15.Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)5:07
16.This Is the Moment4:39

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