Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased mp3 Artist Compilation by Steve Perry

Greatest Hits + Five Unreleasedby Steve Perry

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:41


1.Oh Sherrie3:49
2.Foolish Heart3:38
3.She's Mine4:25
4.Strung Out3:45
5.Go Away4:06
6.When You're in Love (for the First Time)4:08
7.Against the Wall4:44
8.Forever Right or Wrong (Love's Like a River)4:31
9.Summer of Luv4:26
11.Once in a Lifetime, Girl4:53
12.What Was3:57
13.You Better Wait4:55
14.Missing You3:47
15.I Stand Alone3:42
16.It Won't Be You (writing demo)4:26
17.If You Need Me, Call Me (demo)4:24