Greatest Hits III mp3 Artist Compilation by Queen

Greatest Hits IIIby Queen

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:49


1.The Show Must Go On4:35
2.Under Pressure4:09
4.Too Much Love Will Kill You4:19
5.Somebody To Love5:07
6.You Don't Fool Me5:23
7.Heaven For Everyone4:38
8.Las Palabras De Amor4:29
9.Driven By You4:10
10.Living On My Own3:37
11.Let Me Live4:46
12.The Great Pretender3:26
13.Princess Of The Universe3:32
14.Another One Bites The Dust4:21
15.No-One But You4:11
16.These Are The Days Of Our Lives4:22
17.Thank God It'S Christmas4:19
Queen, altogether is an outstanding band with outrageous talent. They deliver a good punch of hard rock, and can withhold the soft rock kind of music. I would have to say they are in my top 5, especially because of this great album. This album happens to contain many popular songs, and most of them are my favorites like La Palabras De Amor, which has a great piano scale solo. No-One But You delivers that romantic kind of "soft" music, that many will find very beautiful. This album also contains one of Queen's, if not their most popular song Another One Bites The Dust, which has a memorable bass groove, and very in-tune lyrical tone. This album is their greatest in my opinion. Why not find out if it is yours?