Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrusby Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:19


Disk #1

1.We Got The Partyby Hannah Montana3:36
2.Nobody'S Perfectby Hannah Montana3:21
3.Make Some Noiseby Hannah Montana4:48
4.Rock Starby Hannah Montana2:59
5.Old Blue Jeansby Hannah Montana3:23
6.Life'S What You Make Itby Hannah Montana3:11
7.One In A Millionby Hannah Montana3:56
8.Bigger Than Usby Hannah Montana2:57
9.You And Me Togetherby Hannah Montana3:48
10.True Friendby Hannah Montana3:09

Disk #2

1.See You Againby Miley Cyrus3:11
2.East Northumberland Highby Miley Cyrus3:24
3.Let'S Danceby Miley Cyrus3:03
4.G.N.O. (Girl'S Night Out)by Miley Cyrus3:38
5.Right Hereby Miley Cyrus2:45
6.As I Amby Miley Cyrus3:46
7.Start All Overby Miley Cyrus3:27
8.Clearby Miley Cyrus3:03
9.Good And Brokenby Miley Cyrus2:56
10.I Miss Youby Miley Cyrus3:58
As many know today, modern pop sensation Miley Cyrus became famous in an audition for the Disney original show, Hannah Montana, which was mean to be about a teen girl who is secretly also a pop singing sensation. Many girls auditioned for the part, but although there were very good actresses, Miley Cyrus was chosen solely because her father was the famous Billy Ray Cyrus, and the judges were huge fans. Therefore, Miley was put into the show along with her dad, Billy Ray. Thus, her famous teenage career began spontaneously. The girls loved her performances, she made truckloads of dollars from her live concerts and the television show she and her dad starred in, and received tons of fame as a result. She also released this album, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, among others, so that Disney could make even more of an extreme profit. I think that at this point, Miley really needs to stop with her career. She was supposed to be a temporary thing, and she would quit, and Disney gets a new, better looking, and overall better replacement. Although Cyrus would lose money, Disney would just keep on making money. However, she took her job too seriously, and is still with Disney to this day. Her show was even cancelled without anybody noticing, and she acknowledged that the show would end. However, she is still with Disney, causing them to lose money rather than making it. There are many possible reasons to this, including that she may want to stick with Disney for a lot longer, as nobody wants to give up fame. However, I do not understand why she does not acknowledge that her fame is over, and just quit. Fame does not exactly disappear overnight. It disappears slowly and gradually. When the fans get bored, they wait for the music industry to shove another artist down their throats. Because of Miley’s lack of cooperation, this did not happen. This is where she started.