Happy Endings mp3 Album by Old Dominion

Happy Endingsby Old Dominion

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 38:43


1.No Such Thing as a Broken Heart2:57
2.Shoe Shopping3:42
3.Not Everything's About You3:55
4.Hotel Key2:47
5.Be with Me2:50
6.Written in the Sand3:04
7.So You Go2:47
8.Stars in the City (feat. Little Big Town)3:20
9.New York at Night3:35
10.A Girl Is a Gun2:55
11.Still Writing Songs About You3:36
12.Can't Get You (Live)3:15
Leodis Mediaserviceadvisor
Old Dominion's sophomore album "Happy Endings" is a major step up from their first major release, "Meat and Candy" which was already a solid record in itself. The most notable improvement and strongest feature of the record is the excellent songwriting, which at times are as creative as the album cover.

As of July 2018, three singles have been released to country radio, matching their previous record's total. Those singles have been "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart," "Written In The Sand," and "Hotel Key." No Such Thing is a feel-good message of encouragement and perseverance. Written In The Sand is arguably the best single of the bunch, with such cleverly written hooks as "Are we names in a tattoo, or just a number on a hand?" Hotel Key is a cleverly ironic song about how a love interest keeps a hotel key to remember a one-night episode by. Ironically, the thing which opens new doors symbolizes a moment which is locked in the past to never be re-visited.

"Stars in the City" could be a fourth single from the album. About a woman who sees good values in negative circumstances, the track is not only excellently written, but also features the harmonious vocals of Little Big Town. Stars is probably the easiest listen on the record. Perhaps the best song on the album is "Shoe Shopping," with the clever hook, "If you're shoe shopping, try me on for size."

Other notable songs include "New York at Night," in which Matthew Ramsey is replaced by Brad Tursi at lead vocals. It does not disappoint, and offers a refreshing mix-up in the middle of the album. New York casually drops clever lines like "You could spin the globe, no matter where it lands, kick your feet up and call it Manhattan. "Still Writing Songs About You" is the last studio track of the album, describing the impact of heartbreak on a songwriter's writing ability. Perhaps the best line of the entire album comes from the song: "I'm stuck on a line 'cuz I know what rhymes with blue." "So You Go" will be a favorite for those with preferential leanings towards power ballads, while "Can't Get You," gives fans a taste of a live performance.

"Be With Me," "A Girl Is A Gun," and "Not Everything's About You" were not as strong to me as the rest of the album, but to say that these were the least impressive songs on the record speaks volumes about how solid the record as a whole is.