I (When We Were Full Of Hope) mp3 Album by Chemical Waves

I (When We Were Full Of Hope)by Chemical Waves

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:03


1.Happened on a desperate night1:47
2.In need on the Marquee Square (feat. LOVATARAXX)4:16
3.The truth is like a blade (feat. RAIN TO RUST)3:58
4.Ophelia's Dream (feat. MIRROR OF HAZE)4:39
5.Kara büyü (feat. DUCTAPE)4:08
6.Luminaria (feat. TENDERLASH)4:22
7.Prelude of the end (feat. BROKEN NAILS)4:09
8.Talk to her Ghosts (feat. NIGHT NAIL)5:40
9.The Last Wish Left1:37
10.Nite Drive (feat. PLEASURE POLICY)4:45
11.Devoured (feat. RINA PAVAR)3:19
12.Mpak (feat. SEXUAL PURITY)3:32
13.A long silence2:51