Stories from the World Before mp3 Album by Chemical Waves

Stories from the World Beforeby Chemical Waves

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:32


1.Kiss The Ring (feat. Bedless Bones)3:47
2.Obession and Cure (feat. Gerd Van Geel - The Arch)4:36
3.Demon in Me (feat. The Purge)4:00
5.A Dark Prayer (feat. Death Loves Veronica)4:20
6.Alibi (feat. Sara Stuttgart)5:46
7.Sixty (feat. Then Came The Rain)4:38
8.Rangers on the road (feat. Su Eko - Velvet Kills)3:53
9.On Another´s Sorrow (feat. Iris Capricorn)6:13
10.Your Voice (feat. XTR Human)4:22
11.Field of Static (feat. Social Station)5:35